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Mermaids & Sea Creatures at LABEShops

Mermaid and sea creature statues include sea horses and more.

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Mermaid - Beauty of the Sea Statue

The Mermaid, a beautiful girl to her waist, but a fish from the waist do..

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Sea Horse Hippocampus Statue

Known as the Water-Horse or Horse-Eel, it was a favorite art subject in ..

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Sunsaitable Mermaid Table by Monte Moore

Beautifully detailed mermaid by Monte Moore is 13 x 8 7/8 x 16 3/8 inches t..

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Sunsatiable Mermaid Statue by Monte Moore

Absolutely gorgeous! This mermaid statue sold out when we offered it a few ..

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Mermaids & Sea Creatures at LABEShops

Are mermaids real? Many believe so and the tabloids love to publish reports of mermaid sightings and pics of what they say are pictures of real mermaids. Who know what lurks deep within the ocean?

Bring a mermaid home with one of our stunning mermaid statues. This section also includes statues and plaques of other sea creatures including fish, octopus, and more. Sorry, no real mermaid videos here...we will leave that for the tabloid sites.

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