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Boxes & Chests at LABEShops

Ankh Bronze Resin Trinket Box
Ankh Gold Plated Jeweled Box
Anubis Jeweled Dog Box
Aztec Bronze Resin Trinket Box
Aztec White Resin Trinket Box
Celtic Cross Trinket Box
Celtic Dragon Octagonal Box
Celtic Knot Lidded Trinket Box
Dragon Celtic Jewelry Box
Dragon Egg Trinket Box
Egyptian Cartouche 6 Inch Box
Egyptian God Tall Box
Egyptian Long Box
Egyptian Stone Chest
Floral Carved Wooden 6 Inch Box
Floral Carved Wooden 8 Inch Box
Green Dragon Hatchling Box
Greenman Four Seasons Box
Horus Falcon Column Box
Horus Falcon Jeweled Box
Isis Bronze Resin Jewelry Box
King Tut Hunting Scene Chest
Mortalitas Skull Pill Box
Om Carved Wooden Storage Chest
Pentacle Wooden Chest
Purple Dragon Trinket Box
Sacred Cat Trinket Box

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Everyone needs more storage - why not make it beautiful as well as functional? Unique boxes, chests and other storage items for your home. Stash your stuff in a lovely box for your table or desk from unique, hand carved wood to sparkling art glass and finely detailed resin.

Find the perfect storage for your jewelry, games, or any thing!