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Our Stores

LABEShops are a family of specialty stores with a vast array of products to transform your life from LAB Enterprises.

As diverse as our stores seem, they all follow LABEShops' overall vision: Transformation - of yourself and your world. Finding your inner and outer beauty and celebrating the magic and majesty that surrounds you is what we are all about. From the inner journey of meditation and spirituality to the outer reflection of your personal style - empower yourself to transform to who you truly deserve to be.

Below is a complete list of our stores and the type of products you will find on each. Registering on any one of the stores below gives you full access to any of our stores as well as letting you use coupons, wishlists, store credit, and any other special features on any of them.

  • - Wiccan & Witchcraft supplies including altarpieces, wicca spell supplies and more. It's a more focused offering then our general spiritual shop, Also see our Mystical Musings blog.
  • - The art of burlesque is an amazing way to empower your feminine side and release your inner diva. We include retro and vintage inspired corsets, dresses, shoes and accessories that are as lovely on the street or boudoir as on stage.
  • - Corsets, beautiful corsets! Transform your figure into the coveted hourglass shape thru body modification or just enjoy a tightly laced corset for the night. We feature steel-boned corsets as well as lighter offerings - all that lace up and cinch you in for a beautiful shape. Plus skirts and accessories to go with your stunning corset.
  • - Our family friendly costume site for Halloween and beyond! Costumes, props and accessories for all ages - even for pets! We also feature a wide selection of costume shoes, boots and hats! Don't miss our costume blog, Twitter account, and Facebook page for this store too!
  • - A focused site for crossdressers, transgenders and female impersonators with shoes, clothing, gaffs and more.
  • - We celebrate the glory of Ancient Egypt with this site that focuses on all things Egyptian - from pyramids to Gods. Many pieces are imported from Egypt, others are inspired by the rich history of that amazing country. Be sure to explore our Twitter account and Facebook page for this store too!
  • - Adults ONLY! Femdom and BDSM adult toys and novelties.
  • - Leather, latex, super  high extreme heel shoes - everything a fetish lover could want! Includes some crossdress items though not as many as on Crossdressfashions.
  • - One of our oldest stores, Gothic Plus focuses on gothic jewelry including world famous Alchemy Gothic as well as gothic lolita and alternative clothing and shoes. It also features home decor and accessories of a darker nature and steampunk pieces. Also see our Twitter account and Facebook page for this store!
  • - Our more mainstream jewelry store includes selected pieces from our other stores as well as elegant pieces in gold, silver and semi-precious gems. Drop by our Facebook page for this store for tips on cleaning and caring for your jewelry and more.

  • - Offers a selection of products from all our stores available for your buying pleasure all in one spot.
  • - Adults ONLY! Bondage and adult sex toys. 
  • - Our mainstream home decor site with unique items from around the world - Egypt, India, and more. Furniture and accessories to transform your environment.
  • - Tons of shoes from  mild - everyday shoes you will love - to wild with super high heels and high platforms.
  • - Our second store, Mystic Convergence gets its name from an episode of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer's mystical convergence of energies (which they called the Hell Mouth, but we think of as a common, spiritual vortex). It is a spiritual shop open to all paths and faiths from Christianity to Wicca, Buddhist and more. Also see our Mystical Musings blog, Twitter account, and Facebook page for this store.
  • - Here be dragons! And unicorns, gargoyles, and all manners of mythical beasts. In statues, clothing, and accessories. Check out our Twitter account for this store too!
  • - Food safe cast iron cauldrons and cookware for your campsite or camping feast!
  • - From Star Trek to Firefly, Harry Potter and more. Scifi Collector has figures, collectible cards, comics, books, and lots more. Drop by our Facebook Page and Twitter account for this store too!

  • - Our first store established in 2001! Sensual Elegance started it all and is still our flagship clothing store with fashions for all sizes! Shoes, clothing & accessories. Be sure and check out our blog, Twitter account and Facebook page for this account too!
  • Simply Pleasure Sex Toys - Adults ONLY!  Thousands of adult toys, novelties, vibrators and more.
  • - Oodles of Shoes! Find the perfect shoe for that special outfit! From low heels to sky high heels!
  • - Take a trip back to Victorian England or the realm of Steampunk with our shoes,clothing and accessories. We also feature Pirate wear, Medieval and Renaissance garb and fashions and accessories from other eras too - even the future!
  • - For the professional exotic dancer, we have a great selection of costumes, shoes, and accessories.
  • - Life is a journey and these inspiring products will set you on the path to transformation. These items are designed for your growth thru mediation, journaling and more.

Registering on any one of the stores above gives you full access to any of our stores as well as letting you use coupons, wishlists, store credit, and any other special features on any of them (excludes the Adults Only stores and Candlelit-Gems).

Enjoy yourself and your world and celebrate your ability to transform!

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