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Necklaces at LABEShops

Air Dragon Pewter Necklace
Alter Orbis Pewter Necklace
Angel Ring Enochian Necklace
Ankh Inscribed Pewter Necklace
Ankh Plain Pewter Necklace
Ankh Pyramid Egyptian Necklace
Aquarius Zodiac Pewter Necklace
Baphomet Sabbatic Goat Necklace
Barbarian Cross Pewter Necklace
Baroque Celtic Cross Necklace
Bast Egyptian Cat Necklace
Black Cherry Gothic Pendant
Black Raven Pewter Necklace
Blood Moon Pewter Bat Necklace

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Beautiful necklaces are ready to wear with neck cords or chains included and come in a huge variety of styles for men and women. We feature well known brands as well as smaller, artisan made pieces that are truly unique.

Made in sterling silver, fine pewter, bronze, and other materials, some of these necklaces feature gemstones or semi-precious stones, cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystals, enameling and other amazing details. From big and bold, to sparkling and delicate, you will find just the right amount of bling for you.