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About LABEShops

LABEShops is an online retailer that has been serving customers since 2001. Though we started with clothing, LABEShops is now a collection of more than 30 specialty stores with a wide arrange of products from clothing and jewelry to home decor.

LABEShops (short for "Lori Anne Brown Enterprises Shops") was originally estabished in 2001 with one online store, With the success of Sensual Elegance, founder Lori Anne Brown developed relationships with more manufacturers and saw an opportunity to create niche webstores, each offering great selection within a single category of products.

This collecton of niche stores quickly grew to reflect both Lori's varied interests and the number of quality manufacturers asking us to carry their products. In December 2004, LABEShops was born as a unified presence for its collection of over 10 stores under one flagship site and brand,

As diverse as our stores seem, they all follow LABEShops' overall vision:

Transformation - of yourself and your world. Finding your inner and outer beauty and celebrating the magic and majesty that surrounds you is what we are all about. From the inner journey of meditation and spirituality to the outer reflection of your personal style - empower yourself to transform to who you truly deserve to be.

We have a number of stores to make it easier for you to shop and find exactly what you are looking for. You can see all products we offer here at If you want something you don't see - please contact us! We are always adding new products. You can shop here as well and will find our clearance section has items from all our stores in one place at a low price. Looking for something specific will be easier from the speciality stores.

As of August 5, 2011, we headed into our 10th year in business with new cart software adding a lot of great features for you! Now with more than 30 online stores, LABEShopscom has grown by leaps and bounds. Watch for announcements on our Facebook page and blog.

About the Owner:

Lori Anne Brown is the LAB of LAB Enterprises and it's Lori's varied interests that sparked the diversersity of the stores. From Scifi-geek to crazy cat lady, to ecclectic practicing Wiccan and history buff (especially Ancient Egyptian), Lori's interests drive the search for new products and new stores. As an artist herself, she is always looking to help smaller shops, artists and craftsmen get their wares seen and bought worldwide. 

Lori runs every aspect of LABEShops from store design to order processing to customer service from her home in Sanford, FL, which is shared with 2 dogs and an odd number of Ragamuffin cats.

A friend gave Lori the push to get the first store, Sensual Elegance, launched in 2001 and it's been a roller coaster ride ever since with the usual growing pains and bumps of any small business. Updating the cart software is a big step in smoothing out the rough patches caused by the growth of the business. Our future plans include continued expansion to fill our customers needs and resolve nagging issues in follow up and customer service we've had due to inadequate systems. 

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