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Art and Stained Glass at LABEShops

Art and Stained Glass
Every Art Glass by Summit Collection™ product supports the educational mission by telling the dynamic story behind the art, artist or subject of the artwork. Many of the catalog items are officially licensed adaptations of original windows or paintings from the worlds most respected museums and institutions.
The decorative art glass panels created by Art Glass by Summit™ represent a marriage of traditional hand-crafted art and modern technology. Designs are transferred to glass panels using a process similar to those employed in silk-screening. Colored pigments fuse with the glass during firing in a specially designed kiln, a process that is done for each color pigment. Art Glass by Summit™ produces its own range of high-quality pigments and is thus able to provide superior color matching and fusion to the glass.

As in certain types of woodblock printing, each color will be applied as a layer on the glass panel. If there are 15 colors in the original image, for example, there will be 15 layers. Each layer will be applied separately, building up a series of layers printed on top of each other and gradually producing a full-colored image.

The artist paints the image on a sheet of glass, building up the image by layers – in other words, one color at a time. Once all the layers have been applied to the sheet of glass, the glass is fired in a special kiln. During the firing process, the colors fuse permanently with the glass, thereby ensuring that they will not fade or scratch off.

Drawing the image to preserve all the details of the original work of art, matching the colors of the pigments to the colors of the colored print, and performing the color separation are the most exacting parts of the entire glass-painting process. Art Glass by Summit™ specializes in these aspects of the process, which are essential to a finished panel that embodies the color and clarity of the original work of art.

These beautiful works of art are available as panels or windows as well as lamps reproducing famous designs by Frank Lloyd Wright, Tiffany, and other master artists. Most panels are framed in metal and have sturdy hanging loops attached to the back. Most of these art glass panels come with a hanging chain as well as wood base for display.

Our Art Glass by Summit Collection™ glass painting provides a new dimension to art glass that captures the "soul" of the original artwork like no other stained glass product on the market.

Please note that due to the delicate nature of these art glass pieces, they are only available for ground shipping (via UPS or Fedex) within the US. They may be delivered by ground to some other areas of North America - please contact us for pricing and information. Special delivery may be arranged for international customers that wish to use a cargo service or freight forwarder but please note, they are insured against breakage only while in transit by the original carrier (UPS or Fedex) from our warehouse and any breakage or damage is at your own risk after that.

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