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Crystal Intentions Oracle Cards

By Margaret Ann LemboThe way we think creates our reality. The Crystal Inte..


Crystal Mandala Oracle Cards

By Alana Fairchild and Jane MarinThis unique oracle deck is encoded with cr..


Crystalline Activations: Isis & Osiris CD

By Justin Moikeha AsarJoin Justin Moikeha Asar for a journey in Atlantian C..


Crystalline Activations: St. Germain CD

By Justin Moikeha AsarJourney with Justin Moikeha Asar from Manu Merlyn to ..


Crystals Beyond Beginners

Series:  Beyond Beginners Series #2By Margaret Ann LemboUncover A..


Cunningham's Book of Shadows - The Path of An American Traditionalist

By Scott CunninghamLlewellyn is pleased to present a new Scott Cunningham b..


Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Series:  Cunningham's Encyclopedia Series #1By Scott CunninghamExpande..


Dance of the Moon

By Dan FurstFrom the Egyptian feast of Thoth to the Celtic fire festivals, ..


Dark Goddess Craft

By Stephanie WoodfieldThis empowering, practical guide looks at the misconc..


Dark Goddess Oracle Cards

By Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Flavia Kate Peters, Kate OsborneThis gilded ora..


Dark Mirror Oracle Cards

By Riccardo Minetti, Laura SavaA tribute to artist Laura Sava, well known t..


Dark Wood Tarot Cards

By Sasha Graham, Abigail LarsonAs you take on the role of a witch ente..


Death: Beginning or End?

By Dr. Jonn MumfordExplore the history of death rituals and attitudes ..


Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience

By Luis MineroMaster the skills of leaving the body using logic and re..


Detox Guide

By Stefan MagerThis folding laminated guide is packed with detailed in..


Develop Your Medical Intuition

By Sherrie DillardThe wise inner voice of our spirit is always communicatin..


Discover the Aspect Pattern in Your Birth Chart

By Glenn MitchellThis practical guide shows you how to read a birth chart w..


Discover Your Master Chakra

By Stephanie S. LarsenYou were born on a ray of light, born into a life pur..


Discovering the Medium Within

By Anysia KielEmbark on a journey of psychic awakening as you witness ..


Dissolving Stress CD

By Denise JarvieMeditation is the art of relaxing your body and quietening ..


Divination for Beginners

By Scott CunninghamAnyone can practice divination. You don't need to be psy..


Divination of the Ancients Oracle Cards

By Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Flavia Kate Peters, Richard CrookesIn ancient t..


Divine Circus Oracle Cards

By Alana FairchildWithin you there's a free spirit that refuses to be defin..


Divinity Journal

By Ravynne PhelanPlant the seeds of your future creations with this deluxe ..


Do I Have to Wear Black?

Available:  February 2021  You may pre-order this product and we ..


Dog Wisdom Cards

By Tanya GrahamFeaturing 45 full color cards and a 124 page guidebook, this..


Dolphins Tarot Bag

By Lo ScarabeoThis beautiful pouch can be used to store and transport valua..


Doors to Past Lives & Future Lives

By Joe H. Slate, PhD, Carl Llewellyn WeschckeYou have the ability..


Doreen Valiente Witch

By Philip HeseltonDoreen Valiente made an unparalleled contribution to..


Dowsing for Beginners

By Richard Webster"Extremely informative, factual, and one of the best 'how..


Dr John Dee's Spiritual Diary (1583-1608)

By Dr Stephen SkinnerWith an 8" x 10" trim size—decreased from the first ed..


Draconis Satin Bag

By Lo ScarabeoThis beautiful pouch can be used to store and transport valua..


Dragon Magick

By: D.J. ConwayDiscover how to work magick with the mighty dragon clans in ..


Dragon Magick Affirmation Deck

By Lucy Cavendish55 Cards For Energy & EmpowermentStrength and Wis..


Dragons for Beginners

By Shawn MacKenzieWelcome to Dragon Country!Here Dragonfire sears the grass..


Drawing Down the Moon Bag

By Lo ScarabeoThis beautiful pouch can be used to store and transport valua..


Dream Alchemy

By Ted AndrewsJoin bestselling author Ted Andrews as he shows you how ..


Dream ESP

By Carl Llewellyn WeschckeDreams fascinate the mind and the imaginatio..


Dream Goddess Empowerment Cards Deck

By Kelly Sullivan Walden, RassouliUnleash the wise, sensual, and creat..


Dream Interpretation Cards

By Luigi Di Gianmarino, Pierluca ZizziStep into a world of dreams and feel ..


Dreaming the Divine

By Scott CunninghamSeeking the divine through dreams is an ancient and near..


Dreams of Gaia Tarot Cards (Pocket Edition)

Available: September 2019 You may pre-order this product and we will ship i..


Dreams of Gaia Tarot Cards - A Tarot for a New Era

By Ravynne PhelanThe philosophy of the Dreams of Gaia Tarot is simple: to s..


Earth Frequency

By Melissa AlvarezConnect with Spiritual Energy in the Natural World Deepe..


Earth Power Oracle Cards - An Atlas for the Soul

By Stacey DemarcoEveryone has felt a place of incredible power—be it a natu..


Earth Warriors Oracle Cards - Sacred Guardians

By Alana Fairchild and Isabel BrynaRise of the Soul Tribe of Sacred Guardia..


Earth Wisdom Oracle Cards

By Cristina Scagliotti, Barbara MooreEach card connects you to the energy o..


Easy Tarot Reading

By Josephine EllershawFeaturing a foreword by award-winning Tarot author Ba..


Ecstasy Through Tantra

Available:  January 2021  You may pre-order this product and we w..


Edmund Dulac Tarot Cards

By Edmund Dulac, Giacomo GailliThe enchanting art of Edmund Dulac elevates ..


Egyptian Cat Satin Bag

Burgundy satin bag is printed in gold with an Egyptian cat and pyramid desi..


Egyptian Paganism for Beginners

This beautifully written guide, by noted scholars Jocelyn Almond and Keith ..


Egyptian Prosperity Magic

By Claudia R Dillaire Boost your cash flow and free yourself from financ..


Egyptian Tarot Card Deck

Amazingly detailed and gracefully beautiful, Alasia's tempera-on-papyrus pa..


Egyptian Tarot Cards Boxed Kit

Amazingly detailed and gracefully beautiful, Alasia's tempera-on-papyrus pa..


Egyptian Tarot Grand Trumps Card Set

Watercolor paintings on papyrus from the Nile, these images contain the mys..


El Gran Tarot Esoterico Cards

By Maritxu Guler, Luis Pena LongaFeaturing classic Tarot motifs—with certai..


Electional Astrology

By Joann HamparThe odds are in your favor when you plan life events using e..


Elemental Divination - A Dice Oracle

By Stephen BallWith just three dice, you can receive answers to basic quest..


Elementary Treatise of Occult Science

By John Michael Greer, Mark Anthony Mikituk, PapusAn Essential Work of 19th..


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