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Amulets & Talismans at LABEShops

Improve your life and achieve your goals with an amulet or talisman to help lift your spirits and attune your vibrations to the positive force in your life.

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Cho-Ku-Rei Reiki Pendant
Our Price $27.00

Dai-Ko-Myo Reiki Pendant
Our Price $27.00

Healing Gemstone Amulet
Our Price $34.00

Medieval Money Talisman
Our Price $20.00

Passion Gemstone Amulet
Our Price $38.00

Pharoahs Pocket Amulet Set
Our Price $12.00

Power Gemstone Amulet
Our Price $30.00

Purification Amulet
Our Price $30.00

Sea Goddess Chakra Amulet
Our Price $34.00

Sei-He-Ki Reiki Pendant
Our Price $27.00

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Amulets and Talismans are a great way to align your own vibrations to those of your goals and help you achieve them faster.

A Witches Amulet is an object, often a natural object (or containing a natural object) such as a stone, feather, etc, that gives protection to its wearer. Amulets absorb negative energies and are not just for Wicca or Witchcraft.

Talisman jewelry is usually made for a particular purpose (which can be protection). Talismans generate positive vibrations to achieve their objective.

Easiest way to remember is is Amulets Absorb, Talismans Create. Either can be very elaborate with planetary or other mystical symbols engraved or written on them or can simply be made of paper with a special incantation written on them. The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used to write spells on scraps of papyrus paper, dissolve the paper in wine or beer, and drink it to absorb the magic of the spell.

Amulets and Talismans have been worn by people of almost every culture and religion since ancient times. Even those without magickal knowledge carry rabbits foots to ward off bad luck or St. Christopher medals for protection. Not just for Wiccan amulets or for Witches, amulet jewelry is worn by Christians and those of other spiritual paths as well.

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