Egyptian Vases of Yuya - Canopic Jar Set of 4, Ceramic

Vases of Yuya Set of 4


This set of 4 Egyptian vases are based on a set discovered in the burial chamber at the foot of the great sarcophagus of Yuya,

Vases of Yuya Set of 4
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  • Ceramic
  • Removable Lids
  • Height: 4 1/2 - 5 Inches
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Vases of Yuya Set of 4
Full Product Details:

Vases of Yuya Set of 4 by Summit Collection Museum Replicas

This set of 4 Egyptian vases are cold cast resin standing 5 inches high with removeable lids.

The original this set is based on was discovered in the tomb of YuyaThey are based on a set discovered in the northeast corner of the burial chamber at the foot of the great sarcophagus of Yuya, a tomb of the 18th Dynasty.  They were all found attached to a single base of painted wood and their interiors are hollow only to a depth of four centimeters.  The lids are carved in the shape of animals.  The first on the left reproduces the head of a calf with black markings, the second repeats the ibex motif found on the spout but this time the animal is shown reclining, the third has a frog and the fourth again features the head of a calf, this time with read markings.  Each vase has inscriptions addressed to Yuya painted on the body in two columns of cursive hieroglyphs. 

These four vases, like many in the tomb of Yuya and Tuyu, were imitations of vessels made from more precious materials.  That they were not actually intended to be used is demonstrated by the internal cavities which are too shallow to be able to contain anything.  Their white coloring is undoubtedly a reference to alabaster.  Yuya's vases should therefore be seen as imitations of vessels that contained unguents and perfumed oils.  The fact that they were false did not prevent them from being considered as effective equivalents of the models that inspired them.  Their presence was sufficient to ensure that the contents of the vessels reproduced were symbolically part of the funerary equipment.

Product Code: YT-6860/PT-8117 - Ask A Question About This Item


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