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More enhancements to the store

More enhancements to the store

Been making some minor enhancements and tweaks throughout the stores and adding a LOT more products.

You may have noticed the image size on the search pages have been fixed so now if you search for something on one of the stores, you will see the images at their proper size and not way larger and overlapping.

I've also been fixing some colors, alignment and other things here and there - I truly believe a website is never finished.

I've also been adding a lot more lingerie and clubwear - Elegant Moments brand is nearly complete and Coquette will be worked on next. Only a few thousand more products to go *sigh*

I'm also hoping to have the smartphone version of the stores start to roll out over the next few weeks. They already work great on tablets, but I am reformatting some things to work better on smaller phone screens so you can shop anywhere.


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