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700 Fathoms Steampunk Diving Helm Pewter Ring
The most advanced hydro-submersion suit created, plunging the oceanic trenches beyond all known dept..
A Fairys Dream Pewter Necklace
Spirits of the Otherworld chasing their dreams. With 'fired' stainless steel filigree etched wing. T..
Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal Pewter Ring
Large pale green Swarvoski crystal ring is set in a pewter setting with fairy spirits on the side..
Adderbite Two Finger Snake Ring
A unique piece that always stops traffic! The size refers to the size of the enclosed band where the..
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AGLA Kaballah Pewter Ring
The central Kabbalistic sigil is 'Agla', which stands for 'Thou art mighty forever, O Lord' under..
Alchemist Rex Buckle with Bronze Rose
The Alchemist skull - logo of Alchemy Gothic - is a fine speciman of a skull wih a bronze rose cl..
Alchemist Skull Pen Top
Classic Alchemist's skull, cast in (non-toxic), English pewter, securely fitted to the top of the la..
Alchemist Skull Pewter Necklace
A skull clutches a black rose in its teeth. Rendered in fine pewter with a nickel-free silver ton..
Alchemy Gothic Alchemist Stud Pair of Skull Earrings
 Pair of earrings made of the finest English Pewter with sugical steel posts by Alchemy Goth..
Alchemy Mug
A black porcelain mug, foil printed with an applied, cast metal, gilt plated, Alchemist's skull badg..
Amethystine Grail Gothic Goblet
Unique wine glass has a cast pewter base on a hand blow amethyst purple glass goblet. A pair would m..
Angels Eye Pewter Ring
The Seal of Metatron, including the pentagram, is engraved in the back of the crystal eye in this..
Anguis Aeternus Dragon Pewter Necklace
Finely detailed dragon pendant with giant purple Swarovski crystal treasure held tight in his coi..
Anguistralobe Pewter Steampunk Necklace
The 2 brass inner rings rotate on this amazing pewter and brass necklace comes on a nickel-free s..
Anima Machinato Futurus Steampunk Buckle
Pewter belt buckle for any standard 1 1/2 inch wide belt (not included).   ..
Ankh of Tau Pewter Necklace
Pewter necklace with gold plated serpent. Comes on a nickel-free silvertone chain. ..
Ankh of the Dead Pewter Necklace
Vampyre's talisman of eternity, incorporating its secret life-blood blade inside the symbolic sca..
Artemisia Fairy Pewter Wrist Watch
With translucent 2-colour green enamelled wings & adjustable chain fitting.  Amazingly d..
Asphyxia Gas Mask Pewter Ring
A unique piece, this ring is modeled on the actual, frightening gas masks worn by German soldiers..
Automatons Eye Steampunk Pewter Ring
Tri-tone pewter ring with opening eye-lid exposing a realistic, taxidermal eye. Amazing detail and s..
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Balkan Revenant Cross Pewter Necklace
Two tone pewter on belcher style chain. Comes on a nickel-free silvertone chain..
Bat Pewter Shirt Buttons
Pewter, replacement shirt buttons in packs of six, sewn-on with black thread through a pair of su..
Bat Stud Pewter Earrings
Discreet little bat earrings for the nocturnal hunter are pewter with surgical steel posts. ..
Beasts Claw Walking Stick
Feel the smooth crystal ball rotate in your hand, within the grasp of the handpolished pewter claw. ..
Bed of Roses Pewter Hand Ring
Swarovski crystals glitter from beneath the bright red enamel heart set within this pewter ring...
Bed of Roses Pewter Wrist Watch
Swarovski crystals glitter from beneath the bright red enamel. Amazingly detailed watch in pewter..
Berserker Pewter Wrist Watch
Amazingly detailed bone strapped watch in pewter with a removable Quartz movement. ..
Bestia Regalis Dragon Earring Pair
Emerald Swarvoski crystals are curled in the tails of these extraordinary beasts. Pair of lov..
Bestia Regalis Dragon Pewter Necklace
Pewter necklace with articulated wing & Emerald Swarovski crystal held by the dragon's tail. ..
Betrothal Gothic Heart Pewter Ring
Perfect as a Gothic engagement or wedding ring,  gorgeous gothic scrollwork frames a deep red e..
Betrothal Pewter Cuff Bracelet
Amazing detail in a cuff style bangle bracelet - bend gently to fit once and slip on and off. Pew..
Bindrune Thors Hammer Pewter Necklace
Thor's legendary hammer rendered in fine pewter with a nickel-free silver tone chain. Solid and h..
Bitten Vampire Blood Drop Choker
Punctures and sparkling red droplets of genuine Swarovski crystal make this a beautiful choker, enci..
Black Panther Leather Strap Bracelet
Classic 'Old School' tattoo panther & roses, beautifully 3D modelled on quality Black Leather..
Black Raven Pewter Necklace
In two-tone, blackened pewter with polished mount on a 27 inch ball nickel-free silver chain. ..
Black Romance Pewter Bangle Bracelet
A black heart, wrapped around your wrist by spreadeagled wings of ethereal flight. Heart is surro..
Black Widow Spider Earring Pair
Worn to demonstrate contrition or predatory instincts. Pair of earrings made of the finest Englis..
Bleeding Heart Pewter Necklace
Stunning pewter necklace with red enamel and Swarvoski crystals. Comes on a nickel-free silver tone ..
Bleeding Heart Post Earring Pair
Blood red Swaroski Crystals dangle from post heart earrings with another crystal in their center...
Blood Moon Pewter Bat Necklace
Deep red enameled blood moon surrounded by bats. Pewter with a nickel free silvertone chain...
Bouquet of Black Roses
The bouquet also has a skull pewter cap on its base. A lovely gift...
Broken Heart Gothic Skull Pewter Ring
Perfect as a Gothic engagement or wedding ring,  gorgeous gothic scrollwork and roses frames..
Caput Mortum Pewter Skull Ring
A reminder of the mortality of us all. Skull heads are 8mm on a band that is 6mm wide. ..
Carpe Diem Leather Strap Bracelet
A skul, beautifully 3D modelled on quality Black Leather wrist strap. One size fits wrists up to ..
Carpe Hora Skeletal Hand Gothic Clock
Seize the day with this skeletal hand clutching at time, counting down the seconds of mortality. ..
Catafalque Skull Pewter Necklace
Fine pewter necklace on a black ribbon set with a sparkling faceted black onyx stone. Neckla..
Celtic Theurgy Pewter Ring
Pewter ring adorned with Celtic knotwork and pentagram, an ancient occult symbol of power, protec..
Celts Cross Pewter Necklace
Beautifully detailed pewter cross is about 1 inch long and comes on a nickel-free silvertone chai..
Cemetary Gates Elastic Belt with Buckle
Adjustable black elastic belt is 2 inches (50mm) wide. The pewter buckle is studded with Swarovsk..
Cesares Vetro Sword Post Earring
Pewter dagger earring (single earring) with a crystal blood drop and surgical steel post. ..
Ceur Noir Black Heart Studded Single Cuff Earring
Heart stud attached by chain to the engraved cuff. Single earring made of the finest English Pewt..
Chaos Signet Pewter Ring
Chaos magick symbol signet ring is enameled in black. ..
Chaosagram Pentagram Pewter Necklace
The mystical pentacle rendered in fine pewter with a nickel-free silver tone chain. ..
Chaosium Cuff Stud Earring
Single earring by Alchemy gothic of pewter and nickel-free chain. Stud is about 1/2 inch high. ..
Chaostar Pewter Necklace
Two tone pewter pendant on a nickel-free chain. ..
Charnalite Skulls Pewter Ring
Pewter skull ring is gruesomely detailed. ..
Chrysler Bat Crystal Earrings
Pair of pewter earrings with surgical steel posts.   ..
Chrysler Bat Gothic Shotglass
Unique shot glass has a cast pewter base with art deco style and Swarvoski crystal accents on a hand..
Claustramoris Black Key Pewter Necklace
A key dangles from a skull rendered in fine black pewter with a nickel-free silver tone chain and..
Coeur Sauvage Dragon Heart Pewter Necklace
The Coeur Sauvage, or "wild heart" double dragon heart necklace is a stunning piece and a great gift..
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